A perspective on fearlessness

Found this book in the library today: “Abhaya – Burma’s Fearlessness”

An incredibly relevant quote in preparation for and understanding of our direction for “The Crucible”:

“Fearlessness as the total inability to feel fear is granted to few of us. However, we can refuse to be defeated by fear. The fears people have to face from day to day encapsulate the past, the present and the future. Breaking free from the shadows of the past while retaining the lessons, meeting the challenges of the present, preparing for the yet unrevealed future, all require determination and courage. Capitulation to fear diminishes the quality of life and those valiant souls who have successfully resisted such capitulation are our hope and inspiration.”

Aung San Suu Kyi, 2 October 2010


About ianzmt

I live and work as a theatre maker in my beloved home town of Penrith, NSW. Storytelling is life: I love telling them and sharing in them in all their varieties, and seeing how each person sees and connects with the world. This blog as a form of reflection about the world I see, hopefully to gain insight into it and into the craft of storytelling, and maybe into my own process.
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